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Apr 28
xuxaisallaround:XUXAS belas curtindo a vista da cidade maravilhosa!Camila Lombardi e Gustavo Luís Scaramella - Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Brasil
Apr 27


XUXAS belas curtindo a vista da cidade maravilhosa!

Camila Lombardi e Gustavo Luís Scaramella - Rio de Janeiro (RJ) - Brasil

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wordjournal: aread (verb) • to divine the meaning of obscure words, interpret a dream, or solve a riddle or enigma. serendipitist (noun) • a person with an aptitude for making lucky discoveries by accident. ululate (verb) • to howl or wail; to lament loudly. these are some of the unusual words that make a cameo in the first chapter of a novel-length book that i wrote. (Source: chiarra-parker)

Apr 27
winnipeg-gurl69:love beautiful rope
Apr 27


love beautiful rope

Apr 27


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whatanembarrassment: I know I’ve said it before, that I’m going to stop using Grindr to have sex with random men.  But I don’t really take myself too seriously, so it’s not surprising that I refuse to listen to that part of my brain that’s…smart.  Its kind of like a good angel/bad angel thing, otherwise known as my Inner-Monologue.  He’s usually spot on, but he is pretty consistently trapped in a Battle Royale with my Instincts when it comes to my love life (Please see Pasta Boy for my Inner-Monologue’s previously documented defeat). Well this past Friday night, they had it out again… Read More (Source: chiarra-parker)

Apr 26
I am the very model of a modern major whore